If you would like to interview me or are interested in my freelance work, I’d love to hear from you. I am also available for social media campaigns, Instagram takeovers, or blogging/writing consultancy, including how to work with bloggers.

Email to contact me: hello@nickolaikinny.com

Twitter: @NickolaiKinny

Facebook: @NickolaiKinny

Instagram: @NickolaiKinny

Please note:

While I do occasionally work with tourism boards and travel brands, I do not accept guest posts (from individuals or companies, including press releases), sponsored posts, or infographics – in 18 years of blogging, I’ve never accepted any of these things, and I’m not about to start.

I do not advertise Kickstarter campaigns, do not accept link placements, and will not casually mention your product in a blog post. I also do not exchange links or exchange content. Please do not contact me about any of these things; it will be a waste of your time and mine, and all I will do is redirect you to this page.

To reiterate: if you contact me about putting any of these things on my blog or social media, all I’m going to do is send you back to this page… thanks in advance for the extra click today! 

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