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Let music take you there.

Imagine if a song could take you back to a place or time, a place you've either never been to or want to relive again. Yes music can sometimes do that for you. The perfect song could transport you to that place in your head and make you feel like your there even if your halfway across the globe going through files on your work desk. These are 10 tracks that take me there and snippets on how i foun...
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Lyrics that strike a chord

2am - on my terrace  -  listening to my Ipod - and I jot down Lyrics that strike a certain chord in the thick of me and it's beautiful to see how it rings and it carries.... STARS - HEART "Sometimes the T.V. is like a lover, Singing softly as your fall asleep, You wake up in the morning and it's still there, Adding up the things you'll never be" EDDIE VEDDER - LONG NIGHTS "I'll take thi...
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The Most Beautiful Opera Overtures

Woke up this morning and turned this video on.. and it made me happy ! That's the effect most classical tunes have on me :) and you can't help thinking how incredibly hard it must be to create this kind of music, especially when they didn't have the technology we have today. Every instrument and every note had to sound right. You don't get that in modern music. Classical music has also been fo...
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