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About the book

Did you know that Mama Orangutans stay by their babies for up to 7 years? They teach them where to find food, what to eat and how to build a sleeping nest. Bing is about to leave his cosy nest for the first time and take a swing into the wild Indonesian forest. Will you join him on this adventure? You’ll have to be brave! 

Bing And His Swing is the first book in the Wee Wild World series written by Nickolai Kinny and illustrated by Aneta Neuman. It was successfully crowdfunded on kickstarter in December 2020.

About Wee Wild World: Nature conservation stories of friendship, bravery and hope. Mildly touching on complex topics and encouraging young naturalists and wildlings on a journey into a world where they feel inspired to become problem solvers, change-makers and innovators.

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