Tomorrow marks 250 days of being pregnant!

This brings us to the end of 2022, eight months after I found out I was pregnant and, as I write this, my baby boy is kicking like crazy, happy and healthy. And somewhere, amongst all those kicks over the last few months, I started dreaming and visualising what motherhood would mean to me.

Dreaming of a future with my adorable baby, of all the things we’ll do together, of all the treats we will bake, of all the impromptu disco baths, of all the stories we’ll read and the cuddles we’ll share. Of being able to show him the world, feel the ocean between his toes and breathe fresh air in the mountains, and eat all kinds of food.

My eyes fill with tears as I write this, as he kicks and stirs within my belly. And besides dreaming, I’ve thrown myself into the other parts of life I know help me feel better: actively moving my body, eating well, spending lots of time with friends and family, working, attending aquanatal classes, gratitude journalling, focusing on “me” and “us” time, and so on.

So while I may be a bit rusty on my poetry writing, I thought it important to try and pen down everything I’ve been feeling and how I view the journey so far. So here goes, enjoy!


It all started with a sequence of flutters…first with my eyelashes
then slowly unfolding to my heart as time lapses
next with his heart
and months later in my womb, a brand new start

For now, you’re tucked deep within the safety of my core
Growing and becoming a part of me from now and evermore
While your outer shell is tested and constantly stretched
Take your time to form that beautiful soul and personality that needs to be etched

I hope you get my kindness and your father’s lionheart
We’ll be there when you open your eyes, right from the start
And when you need to learn the ways of life or the difference between right and wrong
We’ll be in your corner, making you strong

Each day I’ve grown more and more in love with your being
You’ve opened our souls and given life a new meaning
I can’t wait to meet you
The best parts of us, our dreams and our spirit through and through.

The end will be met by another set of flutters.. first in my heart like a joyful splitting chrysalis on seeing you
Then in my cocoon, the place you once grew
moving to my arms which will have emerged as wings
completing one journey and onto the next, when he finally cries and sings

Happy New Year 2023 and Thank you for reading till the end!

Please leave a comment if you’d like to see more blogs on how I navigate motherhood and parenting, it will help me consider if we share that aspect of our lives.


Pictures by Southampton-based My Purple Daisy *Not sponsored* But bloody talented, do check her out 🙂

Maternity Shoot Venue: The New Forest

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