When you’re on the go, style often needs to take a back seat. You’ll often find yourself limited to what’s clean, or something that might be culturally appropriate. While I can’t help you to avoid the fashion disasters which might pop up along your travels (like a bottle of shampoo exploding in your bag over your entire travel wardrobe), there are certain tricks and tips which can help you to be stylish yet comfortable when you travel. Some of these tips will help you build a stylish travel clothes wardrobe.

Let’s start with a checklist, I’d highly recommend investing some time to truly evaluate what you would and would not use on your trips depending on weather, activities and comfort—no need to carry excess luggage or items you’re not actually going to use!

Read on for the ultimate comfort and stylish travel clothes list…


Plane travel isn’t as glamorous as it once was, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look effortlessly chic! Athletic wear and joggers are both comfy and stylish. I’m the biggest fan of tracksuits, they are my go-to packing item for long haul flights, transits and air travel.

They come in all kinds of colours (like this adorable rose one) and fabrics that make choosing impossible, but I prefer loose-fitting, breathable fabrics that stretch. Because you never know when you might need to step out of your cramped window seat and stretch in the aisles, and you can’t control flight delays, but you can plan the comfiest possible outfit to tackle the journey. Also works as a bonus if you want to sneak in a run or workout while on holiday.

Rose coloured tracksuit / stylish travel clothes
Rose coloured tracksuit / stylish travel clothes
Hoodie tracksuit

Pro tip: Hoodies and pockets are your friends. One helps hide jetlagged tired faces and the other helps manage phones, boarding passes and passports.

Sneakers, Sunglasses and Scarf

Blue Sunglasses and Scarf / stylish travel clothes

These are not just alliterative but also essential! Pack a sneaker that can transition from trailing through airport security to city streets and then some. Your feet will thank you for investing in a good pair because, face it, if you’re out and about to explore it will mean a lot of walking and standing.

Nike has a plush and trendy range to indulge in, but I also like my plain b&w Converse. Sunglasses are perfect for when it’s sunny, but also when you need that sly nap on the bus, or for when you’re cross country self-driving on a bright day. Remember, polarized and UV protected lenses are your best bet. And lastly a scarf – this might be the most underplayed item of clothing but, to me, it is the handiest when I need to tie my hair up, it gets a li’l chilly or if I simply need a cover-up because I’ve spilt something on myself.

Pro Tip: Don’t wear your sunglasses when you’re kayaking in the ocean unless you’re willing to sacrifice them to the sea when you topple over & a snuggly scarf doubles as a blanket in the icy cabin air.


Everyone needs on-trend loungewear sets because these work for both the airport and relaxing indoors. Think about milling about in that cabin in the woods or cosying up to some room service and films or even a staycation. I practically live in these if I want laid-back and relaxed vacation vibe. So if you want to look luxe and laid back while you’re lounging, click here.

Khaki Loungewear on sofa / stylish travel clothes


T-shirts can be the basic core of any look-book, and your travel wear is no exception to it. Team them with shorts, skirts and jeans depending on the weather and you’re good to go! I like sticking to quality fabric with more fonts and minimal print. The feminist in me loves this Fearless Femme tee while the conservationist in me loves this statement leopard print and the laid-back version of me loves this cropped oversized t-shirt. My general rule is pack mostly basics and a few statement pieces.

Pro Tip: Pick a colour palette that matches your skin tone.


Dominating the market, they feel more like a cosy pair of sweatpants than athletic yoga pants. However, their fitted cut means they have a far more stylish appearance than sweatpants, giving women an incognito comfort. Some swear by travelling in them for their versatility and the choices these days are endless, from compression pants to sweat-wicking technology and even fleece-lined for colder destinations. Leggings = stylish travel clothes! I love this oversized t-shirt and legging combo to laze in.

Pro Tip: Choose colours that can easily be mixed and match


This can range from totes and bum bags to jewellery, hats and belts. Mini backpacks are a new rage and also help with carrying small and easy to reach items like your phone, passport and money. Accessories should always add a pop of colour and pizzaz to the outfit.

Pro Tip: Less is always more.


I had an epiphany when I discovered multipurpose clothing. It’s not only modern, functional and timeless, but also super easy to pair and mix and match with. This three in one dress by COS is my new favourite. With a zip fastening along the waist, this three-in-one design can be worn whichever way you want – as a shirt, skirt or dress, and even paired with other items that you pack, to feel like a new look every day. Look for garments that are multipurpose because it means saving on excess baggage and still being stylish. 

Pro Tip: There are dresses out there that convert into 20 outfits, cardigans that can be worn in 5 ways and jackets that can be used in several temperatures.

Something fancy

This could be dressy, professional, and casual. Or it could be sexy, relaxed, and polished. It all depends on what your evening plans look like. Will you be taking a class Tango dancing in Buenos Aires or going on a dinner date to the Moulin Rouge?

Pro Tip: Make sure it’s wrinkle-resistant fabric

And there you have it! Stylish travel clothes that come packed with comfort!

Ultimately it’s up to you to find your own style, have some fun and be comfy. Remember to invest in quality over quantity and be stern in your packing choices, it helps to stick by your checklist.

What are your must-pack pieces? Let me know in the comments below!

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