We’re all familiar, and sometimes envious of, well-travelled Instagram girls who look their best in every picture. Sometimes these images seem like a catalogue shoot and I’ve always wondered how most female travellers have the time to get pretty and pose for the camera. If you ever need some fashion inspiration when going to a new country, or if you just enjoy seeing pretty girls wearing pretty clothes in pretty places, this article isn’t for you. For better uses of Instagram for planning your travel read this. This blog post is for all the women that want to make the most of every minute. Smart, quick and easy grooming tips while being on the go, so you spend more time going than doing!


Spending hours fixing your hair is the last thing you want to do while travelling. Simple hair hacks include washing it once a week and wearing it down for the first two days. Every day after that requires some dry shampoo to keep it fresh. Ponytails, braids and messy buns are the best way to make a bad hair day work. And if a hair wash is still a few days away, hats are the way to go! Buy everything as mini’s including shampoos, brushes and foldable hair dryers, unless of course your accommodation already stocks them. Vegan hair care ranges are slowly beginning to trend in 2019 and are worth a look! If your hair is behaving badly over a lengthy period of time, it might require a lifestyle check.

Green tip: Switch to shampoo bars, they last two times longer than regular bottles, come with no plastic packaging and some even have a handy tin to carry them around in. Consider reusable razors and metal tweezers for unwanted hair. Ditch the single-use plastic items!


Flying to far off places will dry your skin out, so make sure you have a skincare routine right from when you take off. I like to start each day with some sunscreen moisturiser and end the day with somebody cream. This leaves my skin hydrated and supple. Invest in a good sunscreen that doubles up as a moisturiser and remember to stay hydrated to avoid sun damage and tired looking skin. Many brands now have all-natural ranges, for everything from your lips to your toes.

Green tip: Did you know that most sunscreens are harmful to the ocean because they affect corals and marine life? Organic sunscreens are the best waterproof sunscreen out there and you can create some at home before you go snorkelling!


Packing cubes are a real game changer for me, especially on long haul travel where clothes need to be segregated by climate. They not only help organise your luggage but also keep it pressed and crease free. Invest in recycled packing cubes to earn some good karma and brownie points from Earth.

Green tip: Easiest tip for laundry while travelling.. skip the dryer, conserve energy and hang it out to dry.


Does your insurance cover dental while travelling? This is something I found out the hard way when a certain root canal decided to act up whilst in Jordan. Something for you to consider if you don’t want to be caught off guard. Stay away from tooth-unfriendly foodsand eat healthy snacks that are good for your teeth like apples. I end each day with a through cleaning and have recently switched to Vegan Dental Floss and absolutely love it!

Green tip: Did you know that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans? That’s a lot of plastic that ends up in landfills due to disposable items like toothbrushes! Switch to bamboo toothbrushes with organically grown bristles to eliminates single-use plastic waste.


Personally, I’m not one for wearing any makeup while travelling. But on an occasional night out or date night amidst our travels, I like dressing up. Make sure you pack your makeup carefully as varied climates can affect them. Place your makeup into the centre of your suitcase and roll it in a towel or jumper to allow for shock absorption.

Green tip: Make sure your makeup is eco-friendly, natural and ethical. Here is a list of eco-friendly beauty products celebrating 2019’s Pantone colour of the year.

What are your skin-care and grooming routines while travelling? Can you recommend any more responsible green tips for travelling girls? Experts weigh in on globe-trotters’ six most common beauty and grooming concerns—because being on the road shouldn’t mean looking like a wreck. But in all honesty, it shouldn’t come at the cost of your health.

12 thoughts on “Green grooming tips for travelling girls.

  1. Great tips! I recently picked up a shampoo bar from LUSH, but have to admit I’m a bit nervous to try it. Though I think the concept is so much better and more environmentally friendly 🙂

  2. Kara says:

    I love my shampoo bar, lasts so much longer than a bottle and better for the environment too

  3. Lots of great idea’s here! Whilst I wont be traveling aborad at all this year I think a lot of these tips could be applied to camping trips that me and my family will be going on this year so thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve heard good things about shampoo bars, I really need to make the switch

  5. The Lush shampoo bars are really good for travelling. Unfortunately, I can’t go more than 2 days without washing my hair as it becomes so itchy – I’d rather wash in cold water than not wash at all … but carry the shampoo bar around means I’m prepared if I find a useful water source!

  6. We’ve switched to bamboo toothbrushes and are about to switch to bar shampoos and other toiletries. Before now I bought minis to save space.

  7. Talya says:

    Some great tips here – I find hair can be such a nightmare when travelling so I’ll try some of your tips next time I travel!

  8. This is great – everyone should be looking to be more eco friendly! I never knew about sunscreens causing damage, will def be switching now!

  9. Laura Dove says:

    Great tips here! I struggle with my own hair, and my daughters waist length hair, when travelling so fab advice!

  10. Jenni says:

    I bought a shampoo bar yesterday but I’m struggling to find a conditioner bar

  11. I love your grooming tips here especially the makeup bit.

  12. Anosa says:

    I love your tips in each section, I have not thought about organic sunscreens, that is such a good idea. Thanks

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