It’s been 2month and 2 weeks since I arrived in England and it’s slowly shaping this new person I’m becoming. And even though everybody who decides to move to a new country needs time to adjust to their new environment, I’ve noticed that some changes are merely accepted overnight (like no fans in your bedroom) while some take awhile (like bundling up for all kinds of weather) But here are some habits I’ve lost in the interim:

1- I stopped taking the rickshaw/uber everywhere. I now find myself walking anywhere between 10mins to even 60 minutes without complaining.

2- I stopped waiting until 5 pm There’s really no reason to wait until 5 pm to grab a drink. I’ve walked into Wetherspoons at 9 am for a full English breakfast and noticed people having a pint to accompany theirs. Still not drunk a though, I stick to 4 pm ;)

3- I stopped taking my tea with milk in it. Always on the side! Adding just the rightful dash to off-colour a black tea.

4- I stopped eating fries. It’s Chips here!

5- I stopped getting takeaway and home deliveries. Because it’s easier to walk-in and collect!

6- I stopped taking architecture for granted. One must always stop and stare.

7- I stopped cursing in my dialect or using words like haan! and accha? No one gets it.

8- Stopped taking my shoes off before entering someone’s house or my own. Because face it, they’re usually spotless clean!

9- Started using toilet paper. Most difficult thing to adjust to and no you don’t need the details for this one.

10- Stopped complaining about traffic. Their sense of true traffic is really a joke compared to cows, elephants and everything else you can imagine on the streets of Bombay. In fact, the only way I can tell its a traffic jam is if the fiance starts cursing :p

11- Stopped hugging every person with Indian origins. Cause face it, there are a lot, can’t be working out on my arms extensively.

12- Eating with my hands unless its pizza. Because that with a fork and knife is so wrong.

13 – I stopped saying “thrice” it’s only properly understood if its three times.
14 – I’ve stopped depending on a maid. Getting domestic help in England is ridiculously expensive, so my weekly chores now involve dishes, cleaning, laundry, cooking etc

15 – I no longer detest taking the trains :) I really love where I live because of how easy it is for me to get in and about in London within 20mins. And kudos to everything Transport for London does to keep it so organised!

Are there any habits that you’ve lost while travelling or living abroad? I’d love to hear! Leave them as comments below? Here is another interesting post on the inevitabilities of dating outside your culture.

9 thoughts on “15 Indian habits I lost after moving to England.

  1. Eleri Boyesen says:

    Considering Cheddar the only type of cheese after moving to France from England.

  2. Hilary Mitchell says:

    Asking for gravy with my chips. Moved to Scotland from England!

  3. Vanessa Van Doren says:

    Idle chit chat. No one ever encourages the American in me, here in Germany!

  4. Joanna says:

    An interesting read from someone who has come from a different country. I think its great u have shared how your habits have changed.

  5. This is so interesting, I never really thought about the struggles people must have adapting to our way of life! But yes, chips are chips, unless they are from mcdonalds!

  6. Kara says:

    I have never lived abroad so cannot comment on any habits learned. I do tend to pick up different dialects though

  7. The mind boggles about the toilet paper! I didn’t realise how different things must seem in the UK :)

  8. Stephanie says:

    So interesting to hear how things are different, glad your using toilet paper now!!

  9. Jenni says:

    This is so interesting, I spent 3 months in India and visited Bombay.

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