Winter is coming! Yes we’re halfway through September, and October is speeding up around the corner and if you’re looking for places to end this year with, Dubai should be on the top! Every year airlines swoon with offers and encourage you with excellent deals. Dubai’s leading airline in particular will top their offers every winter to convince you to just Fly Emirates.

Being the jewel of the Middle East; Dubai is a city of impressive architecture, innovation and intense decadence. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest hotel overlooking the city’s calm, aquamarine waters, largest mall where you can shop till you literally drop, and even classy seven star accommodations! You’ll find no shortage of things to do here. Unfortunately, Dubai is not a budget destination. You’d have to believe me when i say that such a lavish destination comes with an equally lavish price tag, however staying in a rented accommodation over a hotel could slash the cost of your trip by quite a bit, particularly during the months of October to February when flight prices plummet low in the start of the season and soar by the end of it. For affordable holiday rentals in Dubai, be sure to check out My Dubai Stay, an accommodation provider offering furnished apartments in 9 key locations of Dubai including Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai. The key is: one, to book your flights for when winter is slowly setting in and two, rent a swanky apartment instead of a hotel. Now that we’ve covered those two, lets walk you through things to do in Dubai on a budget that do not make it any less of an experience:

BastakiaExplore heritage at Bastakia Quarter:
Dubai may be known for its infinite skyscrapers but old Dubai has traditional neighbourhoods and is one of the easiest things to do in Dubai on a budget. Take the clean, air-conditioned metro (a day pass works out to AED 11) to the Bastakia Quarter to discover its history, cafés, stores and old world charm.

The Dubai fountainThe Dubai Fountain:
Set on the 30-acre Burj Khalifa lake located right outside the Dubai Mall. One can conquer two sites with one visit. It is one of the most beautiful and artistic shows ive seen. Gaze in the awe at the beauty of these dancing fountains as the music captivates and stuns you. An absolute must watch!

JBR The WalkTake The Walk:
Dubai’s most popular and frequented beach simply can’t be beaten for its beautiful promenade called The Walk. It features plenty of gelato counters, juice bars and burger joints. A day out at JBR remains a Dubai local’s weekend staple. Ride the tram to the beach, pick an ice cream cone and walk the length of the shore. Finish your stroll with a quick dip in the sea followed by some lazing in the sand.
The SouksVisit The Souks:
The Gold Souk, Perfume Souk and the Spice Souks are part of the huge Old Dubai Souk in Deira and can be explored by walking around narrow lanes and assorted shops. They sell aromatic and flavourful spices from around the world and you will see bags filled with curry powders, cardamoms, basil, cinnamon, cilantro, paprika, and spice mixes! Inscence, perfumes, oils, and dates are also available here. Great place for food lovers to shop and pack stuff to take back home with them.
Miracle GardenWander Around The Dubai Miracle Garden:
Indeed like wandering through a miracle, this garden has over 45 million flowers complemented and arranged in beautiful designs. It is a delight to walk past blooming flowers in stunning designs, awesome shapes, and eye catching colour. You are free to touch and smell the plants, and can even make a cup of tea fresh from the garden. Your wandering can also be accompanied by a visit to the butterfly garden herein.
MuseumSoak In Some Culture:
Many museums in Dubai offer free admission, so draw up a list and start exploring. The ones recommended are: The Camel Museum, Dubai Museum, Dubai Heritage & Diving Village.MusadamGo On A Cruise:
A view of Dubai from the water is a sight to see. This can be an organised tour and since we’re talking budget friendly, look up sites like for Dhow river cruises accompanied with romantic buffet dinner and if your feeling slightly more adventurous hop on to a Musandam cruise which explores the pristine the blue waters where you can jump off the boat to snorkel and swim.
Street foodTreat The Foodie In You:
5-Star restaurants in Dubai can do some serious damage to your credit card, so if you don’t want to send your bank manger into a meltdown mode, visit instead Al Diyafah Road to eat authentic and delicious food. The streets are lined with great food from many cuisines including Lebanon, Iran and India.
Jumeirah MosqueWalk Into A Mosque:
The Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque in Dubai which is open to all. Intricately detailed and snowy-white it is Dubai’s most beautiful mosques. This stone structure is a tribute to modern Islamic architecture as it is built in the medieval Fatimid tradition. An evening strolling is recommended through the Mosque and preferably around sunset, you will be washed by the shadows of this elegant formation.

Dubai_Creek_UAE_4325886562Visit Dubai Creek:
One of the simplest things to do on a budget in Dubai is to enjoy the glorious winter weather in the city’s outdoor spaces. One of the most visited places to catch some rays is Dubai Creek. This saltwater creek runs through the heart of Dubai and is crisscrossed by old fashioned dhows, some of which are water taxis known as Abras. Hop onto an abra, or take a stroll along the promenade or take the cable car each option offers amazing views of the city.

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  1. Kevin J. Cummings says:

    I like how its possible to see some contrasting sights of tradition and modernity, hi-tech and improvisation i the same city.

  2. Lynda M. Morgan says:

    Yaay Dubai! I cant wait to tick everything off this list!

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