IMG_20150908_204608Psst. (Scroll to bottom for the IKEA giveaway details.)                                              The combination of salty feta and of sweet watermelon might seem strange at first , but it is very common in the Mediterranean. Watermelon, apparently originated in the Nile valley and with its greater than 90% water content, it is perfect for any sweltering summer heat. Given the area’s proclivity for salty semi-firm yet crumbly cheese, this experimental combination seems inevitable. Once tried, the desire to repeat the experiment is nothing short than addictive. The juxtaposition of textures – the creamy saltiness of the feta, the crisp sweet chill of the watermelon – play off one another nicely.

5 iceberg lettuce leaves
1 cup cubed watermelon
1/4 cup feta cheese
1 tea-spoon fresh ground pepper

20150909_201849Assemble salad: Rinse and spin the lettuce and rip into bite-sized pieces. Cut the watermelon into 1-inch cubes. Crumble feta over the salad.
Make dressing: Add fresh ground pepper and toss lightly.
Chill salad: Until ready to serve. Dress ~ 15-20 minutes before serving (if you dress too early, the watermelon will weep).
Done!PicMonkey Collage2

16 thoughts on “Summer Treat: Watermelon & Feta Salad

  1. Georgie Watts says:

    Grilled Salmon with yogurt on the side :)

    1. i love both of them individually, ill have to try them together soon ;)

  2. Anna Sue says:

    Roast chicken with peppers & feta!!

    1. Peppers with feta make for an interesting combo :)

  3. Indrani S. says:

    Honey-Glazed Chicken, Mmmmm!

    1. Honey glazed chicken is always and all time favourite!

  4. Lassi. Plain Cold Lassi. Nothing beats the heat for me during summer. Maybe add some mango to it and it’s heaven!

    1. And malaai *Drools* Thanks for the lassi crave now :p

  5. Spanish Gazpacho! Forever and always a favourite! :D
    Love watermelon and feta too! Add avocados too if you like :)

    1. Must add to summer home-cooking menu! Thanks ;)

  6. Ah, a nice glass of chilled Moet will be it.

    1. Congratulations Arpana!!!! You’ve just won yourself the recipe journal with that entry :) Nothing beats a hot summer day than a chilled Moet

  7. I so miss IKEA. That’s one of the reasons I travel to Dubai.

  8. Niyati B says:

    Popsicles, especially the fruity kind!

    1. Kiwi is my favourite! How about yours?

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