What do you get when you put a penguin in the world’s largest international airport? It sounds like the start of a joke, but it is in fact the center of a new social media campaign by Dubai Airport.

Meet Pedro the penguin, the two-foot star of the quirky video that depicts his adventures after his journey from the icy glaciers of Antarctica to the hot sandy plains of the UAE and as he explores Dubai International Airport.
From unwinding in a sauna, indulging in some retail therapy, tucking into some sushi at the Seafood Bar by Caviar House and Prunier, relaxing in he airport’s Zen garden and settling in to one of the on-concourse otel rooms, Pedro is seen waddling his way through the airport and everything it has to offer.
But Pedro’s adventures do not stop there. Despite his flippers,the aquatic airport resident has an active twitter profile (@DXBpenguin) that tells you about everything there is to enjoy in the airport.

Perfect way to show Dubai International through the eyes of a first-time traveler!

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