quote-music-takes-us-out-of-the-actual-and-whispers-to-us-dim-secrets-that-startle-our-wonder-as-to-who-ralph-waldo-emerson-318311Imagine if a song could take you back to a place or time, a place you’ve either never been to or want to relive again. Yes music can sometimes do that for you. The perfect song could transport you to that place in your head and make you feel like your there even if your halfway across the globe going through files on your work desk. These are 10 tracks that take me there and snippets on how i found them 🙂

Sierra Leone, Africa

1st heard this track in the movie Blood Diamond and absolutely fell in love with it. It is by the Sierra Leone’s Refugees.

Ilha Grande, Brazil

1st heard this song while eating pancakes at a crepe store in Ilha Grande a tiny lil island off Brazil. I had to harass the busy chef into giving me the name of the artist and the track until he finally gave in and wrote it on a paper napkin along with a smiley 🙂

Solomon Islands

Ive always loved Deep Forest and even got the pleasure of meeting them on their India trip. They make music depending on countries where each album is focused on a new country and this is from their Africa album. If you like this one you should definitely check out their India album.


Picked this one of my sisters playlist, cause she loves Irish music.


1st heard this on TV and i usually don’t pay attention to music on TV but noticed that the song was made by traveling to the place and i thought what a beautiful idea to capture elements specific to the region.

New York

How can you not have classic Sinatra and classic new yorker vibes on this list.


A song about the sea and the seaside of France, 1st heard it in the a Parisian Macaroon store and Shazamed it immediately.

Hiroshima, Japan

1st heard this one in Naruto (Japanese Anime) it was played during the death rites of a Hokage. I love how intricately the local Japanese instruments are infused to create something so sad yet so beautiful and it reminded me of Hiroshima.

Latin America, Colombia

Funny story behind this one. My dad picked this up while traveling and my entire family loved the song so much that we had mastered singing it. So when i was traveling in South America the song started playing in my hostel in Rio and i started singing out to it loudly and then was joined in by other people there who knew it and then we danced around the reception singing it. Proof that music not only takes you there but also brings people together 🙂


And finally a song i listen to when im homesick 🙂 From the Deep Forest, India album the Dhol Lejum takes me to the chaos and madness i love about Mumbai it reminds me of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

Would you like to listen to more world music I’ve gathered while traveling? Check this – Youtube Playlist
Do you have songs that take you places? Tell me what they are in the comments below 🙂

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