It’s easy to define someone as “smart” or “funny” or “beautiful,” but what if you could be all of the above and still have various more attributes that define you? Every woman has things that she is passionate about, things that make her who she is. Put aside 5mins and figure out what are the things that are important to you, the multitude of things that make you who you are, because you can’t be limited by just one label. For the longest time ive been seen and known as that #TinyLady that travels but there’s more to me than those adventures. There’s more to the woman that is me. So I made a list and here are the things that define Nickolai Kinny:

PicMonkey CollageThe Crazy Traveller – (My most common title) Sometimes im lucky if get 5 days at home in between travelling schedules, i like to call this period my “Do your Laundry Time”


The Author/ Writer – Currently working on my third book which will be filled with short travel stories from people all over the world. i bartered quite a few cups of coffee for these stories. I write because it’s what I know best, I love my flair with words and the ability to captivate readers by telling a story.


Literature Reader – I love reading as much as i love writing. I will stick to my New Years resolution of reading intensively this year. I’m 5 and a half books down since 2015 began. Reading makes me happy.


Illustrator – Art I think is the best way to portray emotions and creativity. I love doodling and sketching.


Photography Enthusiast – Click, Record, Click! Something i do while I’m on the move to show people the world through my eyes and the beauty it has to offer. Luke (Canon 550d) and Sergio (GoPro) are my favorite travel companions.


Comic Lover – I have a graphic mind and that comes from a reading lists filled with comics and manga. Its how i like to indulge my geeky side.


Baker – Once in a while i go on a baking spree because its therapy to me. I never eat what i bake but very kindly treat my friends to it. Baking in usually done at home whilst the laundry is on spin and dry 😛


Cyclist – I try to incorporate 15-30 kms of cycling a week even when I’m away travelling. Because it lets you discover at your own space and because the wind through my hair makes me feel alive .


Vinyl Collector – Music is best heard with the cracking of an old record there is so much more feel to it.

And more.

Oprah Winfrey once said ‘You can have it all. Just not all at once.’ But you can be it all at once. Don’t be a one-dimensional women, don’t succumb to the tags and labels that people associate with you. Dig deep! Go out! and be everything you are and more.
And while you’re at it don’t be afraid to be strong “and” sensitive, warmth “and” wisdom, grace “and” guts. No ‘ifs’ or ‘buts,’ just ‘ands.’

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