keralOf all the places I’ve traveled to in India, Kerala still remains on my untouched/bucket list. This is a first-of-its-kind initiative in our country to attract the blogger community for a first-hand experience of our land, its geography and culture which i think is an excellent idea by the Kerala Tourism Ministry. Last season saw enteries from as many as 80 countries, including US, UK, Poland, Spain, Germany, Canada and Indonesia. Talk about putting Kerala on the map and introducing it to people who had never heard of it. I came across the Kerala Blog Express on twitter and didn’t think twice before i decided to apply.

Whats in it for me? I get to sojourn through Kerala from North to South. Relish and feast on its landscapes, food and culture.


Whats in it for you? You get two weeks of live coverage from God’s own country. While i write, click and tweet about everything that captivates my attention.

So go ahead and click vote and help me cross Kerala off my Bucket List! If you are a travel blogger or writer who would like to visit and write about Kerala please apply. The registrations for Kerala Blog Express will end on December 24, 2014 & the voting for  will end on December 31, 2014.

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