72300c0171cb96a0162fe9471573e12dA rough sketch of an itinerary and what id imagine October in South America to be like.

Day 1 Buenos Aires

Day 2 Buenos Aires
Free time to explore the many attractions. Check out a football match, a tango show or the city’s famous nightlife.

Day 3-5 Colonia/Montevideo
Cross the Río de la Plata by ferry to Colonia, Uruguay. Free time to explore the area and relax at a streetside café. In the country’s capital, visit the Carnival Museum and grab a snack at the Port Market.

Day 6-8 Estancia Stay
Leave the city and lights behind in favour of the Uruguayan rural life. Get dirty at a working ranch, go for a hike in the countryside, and indulge in local barbecues and wine. Overnight bus to Iguassu Falls.

ArgentinaDay 9-10 Iguassu Falls
Explore both the Argentine and Brazilian sides of the falls, and take an optional boat ride near the base of the falls.

Day 11-12 Paraty
Skip an overnight bus ride and fly to São Paulo, heading straight to the coast. Explore colonial Paraty, then hit the beach. Opt to visit a cachaça distillery visit or a take boat tour of the bay.

Day 13-15 Ilha Grande
Free time to hike and explore the island’s beaches, or take an optional boat tour.

Day 16 Rio de Janeiro
Explore the city using a centrally located hotel in Copacabana as a base.

Day 17
Touristy Things

UruguayDay 18

Day 19
Food in Rio

Day 20

Day 21
Shopping in Rio

Day 22
Bicycle across the beaches

Day 23
Football & Footvolley

BrazilDay 24

Day 25 Rio de Janeiro
Depart at any time.

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