PicMonkey Collage1Korlai fort: About 10 kilometres south of Alibag near Rev Danda village is the naval fort of Korlai. Locates just 3 kilometres down the Rev-Danda-Murud road near Korlai village, it can be reached via the road leading to the fort from the village, which is just 2 kilometres  away. The fort is on a small hill (bout 250 to 300 feet high) in the sea. The main door of the fort faces the east, but if you go up from the village, you can enter the fort from the western side. It is possible to drive right upto the steps of the fort.There is a naval lighthouse near the fort from which cement steps lead to the fort. If you enter from this side you see the ruins of a gateway to the left. A little further down is a fortified plain called Panchuchi Dhar that goes straight into the sea and affords a wonderful view of the boats in the creek. Inside the fort you come to a stronghold wherein you can see the remains on the bastion. At different points of time, the fort has been ruled over by the Nizam, the Portuguese, the Marathas and finally the British. Its not only the history buffs that will find this fort fascinating but the naturalists as well. 

IMG_7925PicMonkey CollageaKorlai Beach: To the south and west is the view of the entire stretch of Korlai beach.Id call this an untouched pristine beach, slightly rocky at the edges but but clean and beautiful none the less.The sunset here is a breathtaking sight. To the east you get the view of Rev Danda and its surrounding, the fishermen and their colourful boats.

PicMonkey CollagehKorlai Lighthouse: The lighthouse is no far off from the main village. The gates will usually seemed closed but if you look around you’ll find the caretaker he’ll be more than happy to give you a tour of the lighthouse, charges were nominal at Rs 10/- per head and camera charges at Rs 20/-. The way to the top is through a spiral staircase from inside a room. Climb all the way to the top of lighthouse tower, you won’t regret it for the view from here is simply beautiful and the sea looks vast, blue and never ending.It was truly amazing to know how the entire lighthouse functioned and the caretaker gave us complete insight. 

While there is no place to stay in Korlai, you can stay you can stay at Alibaug and then visit this fort. This can be combined along with a visit to Kashid beach. The distance between Alibaug and Korlai is 21 kilometres whitely distance between Murud and Korlai is 28 kilometres. So one can also stay at Murud, visit Korlai and Kashid and return there for the night. There are regular state transport bus services between Murud and Korlai and Alibaug and Korlai.

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