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Welcome to the most bizarre, most thrilling, and the grubbiest event In India. The ultimate fun run, created for all the adventure-seekers among us. In came thousands of wacky-racers as they ran, crawled or even belly-floped their way through 7km of mud-pits, bog-holes and puddles oozing with thick, cold, gooey muck. The obstacle course runners started on their feet, but eventually ended up on their stomachs, sides, even backs at they clambered through mud, 70 degree walls and across netting made of mangled ropes among other things.

The dirtier the better. Expect nothing less. This fun run is unlike anything else in India ; an event that is designed for everyone and anyone who is game for adventure and getting dirty..

The first thing i noticed is that this event is not called a ‘race.’ There are no timing tags, no official times and no prizes for finishing ahead of anyone else. While it may seem strange, I assure you this is completely intentional.

Well, that’s the crux of it, but there’s more… Starting in waves* (kicking off every hour or so) you fellow racers embraced  7km of hilly trail route dotted with natural and man-made muddy obstacles. Sprint, jog, walk or even slide through the course – when they were done they were sprayed with cold water to wash the mud off and were handed a can of beer and burger and their rightfully earned medals after which they could proceed to the EDM sundowner-party.

Every runner provided a good test of strength, stamina and mental toughness in a way that was fun and exciting.And for those who make it across the finish line, the can’t-believe-I-just-did-that reward is usually worth all the agony.

“It challenges your cardio, it challenges you muscularly and challenges you mentally,” “To start out wondering if you can get through everything and push beyond what you thought were your limits is really a good feeling for people. Looking back at one point i could just see a sea of racers running downhill, it was a really cool view!” Said Mr Ashish Thakur.

I liked the mud rush because :

  • The course was accessible, even to newcomers.
  • You can take it at your own pace.
  • The terrain and environment was beautiful with green hills and blue skies.
  • The EDM sundowner party had quite a good line up of Dj’s like Anish Sood & S3quel

So whether you’re a fanatical runner or a self-confessed couch potato, the Mud Run is for everyone. Mud. Laughter. Camaraderie & More mud kept it alive and dirty !

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  1. satya says:

    I want to be a part of this!

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