29 thoughts on “Experimenting with emotions

  1. The whoa? and wicked! Wonderful concept! 🙂

  2. Nirja says:

    lol, cute x

  3. Carina says:

    haha..love it!! the facial expresions totaly match the headings!!!:)

  4. Carina says:

    haha..love it!! the facial expressions totaly match the headings!!!:)

  5. Ariti says:

    Awesome expressions 🙂 I wish i had a “i like” expression to express my emotions here 😀

  6. Myron D'mello says:

    Really Cool…. Me super likey… The Many emotions of a Tiny Lady… 😀

  7. mobilebiker says:

    hahahaha! Got me tickly! The Who seems like u ready to pounce a kiss there 😛 hehehe

  8. Calvin fernandes says:

    Amazing work

  9. Zubair 'GReeeD' Shaikh says:

    Hey Awesome Pic … <3 Love the doubtful Look …!
    Gr8 Expressions!!!
    Nice Concept … Keep up the good work!!!

    Love & Peace
    – Zubu.

  10. Mrunal says:

    Very Creative! Perfect idea… All the best! 😉

  11. rebecca says:

    too cute love it

  12. I have seen various smiley faces but this is the first time with real facial expressions, very nicely done, congrats xD

  13. jerica says:

    hehehe..cho cute…..expressions that say it all…

  14. Will says:

    Nice! Should have put on an extra pair of glasses for “the nerd” though 😛 haha

  15. Aditto says:

    mugshots.. very nice~

  16. Naik says:

    My favourite is the Grumpy

  17. Joanne says:

    your expressions are super awesome…. !!! i was a lil stunned… something neva seen before… indeed original!!! way to go nicki…

  18. niki says:

    hahahahah i luv this post….my fav is the Flirt, lol, its like the most cheesy wink, love it!

  19. Nikhil says:

    Love it…!!!
    “Adorable” and “grumpy” are really cute 🙂

  20. suranga date says:

    You dont need
    any words,
    the entire alphabet
    does somersaults
    on your face;
    sleeping D’s,
    expansive V’s
    flat out I’s,
    flattened M’s
    there’s even Pi
    on the nose.

    Having said that,
    I wonder
    how the photographer
    a straight face;
    or didnt she ?

  21. omg #cuteness!!! <3 <3 <3

  22. Melissa Lewis says:

    Love your expressions 🙂

  23. So cute! I love them. Maybe you should try acting! 🙂

  24. Omkar says:

    thats called FACE GYMMING !

  25. vivek says:

    If you can do self portraits so well, I’m sure you’d be even better with photographing others.

  26. Zoya says:

    Haha! You nailed all the expresssions.

  27. Jude says:

    ..damnnnn we had soo many different Gestures..never knew dat…gud Job in Educating me on dat Gal…hahahaha..WonderFul!!!!

  28. Great expressions…it will handy 4 gesture animtion 😀
    good work

  29. Eman Sayed says:

    If I ever tried it, I don’t think I will ever do it that perfect 😀

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