Shreya Chatterjee is one of the very few poets I know and read who have managed to paint a picture with their words; her work is carefully and colorfully written. A good poem is one that jolts your mind into a graphic reel, where your forced to imagine, feel and see every action described in the poem and in turn creates a memory associated with it.

“heard her bangles clink ,

Her anklets jingle,

At the beat of her restless feet.”

The poet has managed to capture every memory be it coffee with a friend or a lazy sunday or even a rainy day . She has captured them candid and like a photograph. Things I noticed in the book was her love for the word “sultry” she has included it most poems 😉 Poets often write by a theme or a pattern but Shreya doesn’t have one, which can be refreshing and unexpected at the same time. However her judgments and memories obtain the concise finality that only poetry can provide.

The verse/line: –

“My feet took me to the edge of the world” = Holds true to the book’s title – Musings of a wanderer and aspires you to dream to move. It aspires me to Travel 🙂

“My spirit has eloped with none” = Encourages you to think of the possibility it actually happening or what it might feel like.

The play of word is unique and descriptive and some poems have a description and snippet explaining what the poet was thinking which give you insight to when it was written and the poet’s thoughts that inspired the same. I am eyes that have just been born, gave me a great idea which I would like to try out someday and put on my blog and dedicate to her . The poet reads Keats , Wilde and Neruda her references are seen in her poetry. Social issues are tactfully tackled in the book which is enough for anyone to get the message across. Few of the poems read well, though nothing may seem truly striking at the moment. The words are ordinary with no great symbolism or literary interplay. However, hours later, these poems are in my thoughts and I realize the powerful impression that they have left.

My favorite must read from the book are :-

If this a dream

Candle tete a tete


Blue door

Lost words


Pursuit of happiness

I would recommend this book as a good afternoon read, perhaps over a cup of coffee or in my case on a long train journey or under the shade whilst it rains outside.  It is refreshing and exhilarating to read a poet this sincere, this demanding and lucid in her aspirations towards everything she does and her analyses of her time on earth.

A good book is one that inspires you, sparks your mind with ideas or creates a new flow of thoughts and perceptions, I’m glad that Musings of a wanderer did just that.

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