Have you ever tried drawing an intentional blank? STOP! Everything you’re doing. DROP! Every other thought and imagine yourself, still in a blank white-walled room. It is not possible! I tried doing this by shutting everything out of my mind to find comfort and peace and to just be! It didn’t happen!! Even though i was staring at blank walls my mind was still ticking and my conscience talking (pun intended).I tried doing this on various of occasions; Sometimes when I’ve had a bad day, other times when I’m just mentally tired or when I’m confused and lastly on good days. It just doesn’t work! But then something changed this time I pictured myself sitting in the middle of a large room with walls that were painted black. And that’s when I drew my first blank …Blink Blink Black! I was just there , being me, with no purpose , no intentions, no worries , no to do lists , no noise , no chaos . I was blank and it was calm. I’ve realised that there is no grey area your either black or white. Which one are you?

Ps- Dear readers , sorry I haven’t written in a while.. I’ve been busy with my exams , But I will be a lil less tied up post 20th June 🙂

One thought on “Drawing a blank…

  1. Alia says:

    I think I would go for White! 😛

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