I like to believe that in my past life I was a traveller. And even though my body may have perished my thirst for travel is ever alive. I’m not aware of what I’ve already covered and what I have yet to cover ,but I believe I must start somewhere since there always is an origin and there always is a calling… Every life has an origin and they are varied and they make us distinct .We stand in different times with different experiences….In the end some of us are lucky to have experienced it all. I don’t believe in an absolute end, I believe there is an end to a life or rather lifetime but it is followed with many more times and lives to come. Whatever it may be I’d be happy and content in my heart knowing… “I was born to travel” and that i have people around me who share the same dream.


2 thoughts on “A destined traveller

  1. niki says:

    i’m one of the people around u 🙂

    hey but not for the milking cow trips……..hahhahahahaha

  2. Nisha Naidu says:

    Hey Nick…me a traveller too! What u’ve expressed is beautiful, can relate to all of it. Keep writing 🙂

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