I had written this one for a kid’s short story contest and i recently decided that its high time it made its view on my blog too :) for those you who haven’t read it yet , Enjoy ! For those of you who have, Share it with someone who hasn’t :)

Little Rachel decided to go out and play one day. She cycled around on her little tricycle and happened to pass a tiny bed of flowers next to a big tall tree. She found them pretty and beautiful and decided to pluck a few to show them to her friends at school; when suddenly she hears a great big voice:

“Oh little girl wont you come and talk to me?”

Rachel was startled and frightened. “Who said that?” she asked. And the voice came again.

“I have big body, with thick green hair, I’m tall and big

Yes that’s me

With too many arms

So who can I be?”

Little Rachel was amazed that in front of her stood a huge tree, and it just spoke. “You can talk?” she asked

“Why of course I can, but the only problem is that I have no one to talk to” said the banyan tree.

“Where are all your friends, don’t you have any?” asked Rachel

“Why little girl, look around me, Do you see any other trees or plants? Sadly I’m the only one.”

“It’s decided then!” little Rachel stood upright and put her hands on her waist, “my name is Rachel and from today I will be your friend” The tree let out a weak smile. “Dear Rachel this happiness will be short-lived, because I’m a banyan tree and we live for 100-300 years. What will I do when your gone?” saying that the tree started to cry. Rachel felt sad and hugged the tree” Don’t you worry Mr. Tree, I will find a way to make you happy” .And with that she left to get back home. Over dinner Little Rachel asked “how are trees born daddy?” her father answered “well honey, they aren’t born they are planted you have to take a seed, put it in the soil, nurture it with water, sunlight and loads of love, that’s when it grows.”

Rachel had an idea, she told her friends at school the next day about her plan. That afternoon after school she worked on a small signboard with paints and crayon , her daddy who was curious asked what she was doing , all little Rachel said was “ I’m helping a friend” and asked if she could borrow a few seeds.

In the evening Rachel gathered all her friends; shovel and water cans in hand they walked to where Mr. Tree stood and got to work. They dug soil, planted seeds and watered them. Mr. Tree was puzzled but stood watching until the others had left. They had nurtured it with love, care and covered the soil neatly. After everyone had gone Little Rachel told Mr. Tree what her daddy had told her and he was happy again.

“I have one last surprise for you”. “What is it?” he asked. She pulled out her signboard that read – NO PLUCKING in bold and below it a tiny line read “it’s a beautiful world” and stuck it right next to flower bed.

From then onwards the banyan tree and little Rachel were the best of friends and would spend every other day together, she loved nurtured and watered him and by the time little Rachel was old enough to leave. Mr. Tree didn’t worry for she had given him a few good friends and for that he would always be thankful.


7 thoughts on “The Banyan Tree.

  1. Deboshree says:

    Such a wonderful story. Such a lesson packed in a deft little tale. Not to say that tree looks magnificent. I am glad he got friends. :D

  2. sasvati says:

    Dear Nickolai,

    While searching the web for a picture of a banyan tree, I came across your site displaying a beautiful banyan tree accompanying your sweet short story. I am looking for a banyan tree for the cover of a spiritual book. We are the SAT Temple We publish many books on Advaita Vedanta. Please tell me, is this banyan tree a picture you have taken? Is it copy written by you? If so, would you give us permission to use it; we would happily credit you inside the book. If it is not your image, would you please tell me where you obtained it. I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you so much for your kind reply.


  3. Bryon Smith says:

    This is an excellent story with a wonderful message.
    I had a dream last night of a huge banyan tree.
    I dreamed the tree had healing properties.
    I got up this morning looking to find out what a banyan tree was, or if it even existed and I found this page.
    I am also an author, with a message for people.

    I have a series about a girl who’s half human and half angel. The two don’t always get along right away in the first two books. The main message of course is sometimes people look to heaven for answers when they themselves can be the angel and make a positive difference in someone’s life and in our world.

    Thank you for your positive message for me this morning.


  4. Sumbul says:

    same here i fount this while searching for a banyan tree image on google…i work in an environment magazine and was trying to show our graphic designer some ideas for our cover page . Lovely story.

  5. Sumbul says:

    same here i found this while searching for a banyan tree image on google…i work in an environment magazine and was trying to show our graphic designer some ideas for our cover page . Lovely story.

  6. Dave barradas says:

    It’s an awesome story! My father just bought some big land in mexico, and we are planning on inviting some people over to become green and nurture the planet, it’s a great story to make children aware of how important trees are!

  7. Barry Plant says:

    It is a magnificent tree in the photo. The dog peeing on it gives it a playful, irreverent touch 😄

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