It stayed there, still and motionless… reminding her of the drunken and mad night that was the epitome and highlights of her emotions in the last few years. The pretence of an existence and just for the sake of living. It stayed there staring back at her, crumpled and creased on the floor , with a few buttons that rolled n sprawled away from  the scene of passion. She picked it up and it smelt of him ..musky and sublime. She heard the sound of the water eliminating her scents , her essence off him . She felt jilted and walked away; he felt an unexplainable feeling of loss. And never knew where to look for her, she looked for him only in her pensive of memories. And that’s all they remained .That’s all they ever were !

Her tiny feet could touch the sky. Her hair blew back and forth by the  breeze. Her purple cardigan had tiny lil yellow bows that made the colour stand out, just like her eyes stood out when she lay down against white snow to make angels .She swung higher than any of the other kids in the park, unafraid and aspiring with no strings or fears attached – no sense of  repercussions .They watched her everyday..Playing and just being herself – Simple yet innocent.She once was theirs, but she still belonged they would have to eventually let go before she knew that she was given away.

There was once was a man, as happy as can be ..

Who lived his life-like no horizons he could see.

Today he lay there , while everyone else wept

While death came crawling and over him it crept

Everyone ready with their last goodbyes

And with another human to break their emotional ties

2 thoughts on “Anthologies of love and loss

  1. niki says:

    the first poem made me cry…..

  2. Aman Rayjada says:

    The ads and photos choke up the written part. Otherwise, i liked it.

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