Where – Korlai and a few other places

Why – To touch the Arabian sea, to feel, to live & to smile 🙂

Who – Nickolai Kinny

4.30 am- it was still dark outside and we gathered at borivli, all bundled and dressed like the winter collection for Benetton except for Kris of course who decided on shorts ..but nothing Kris does is to be made sense of 😛

4.45 am – we’ve sorted our bags and I’m carrying the grill 🙁 good luck Nickolai ! As if this being your first road trip isn’t bad enough 😛

4.46 am – my nerves are jumpy and I give myself a mental talk ” You can do this ! Sooner or later you have to travel ! How you choose to doesn’t matter !” nerves seem slightly calm ipod earphones on ! parka on ! Helmet on ! And we are off !

5.46 am – we’ve been riding for about an hour now the lil fear I had has disappeared .. I was born to do this !

6.00 am – the lights from the lamppost light up my eyes every time we pass one , the stars are still very prominent in the sky .. I smile and realise that I didn’t have a reason to, but it felt good !

6.10 am – Niki and Samar ride past us, she looks frigid 😛

6:20 am – we overtake Rhea and Rahul and she asks if im ok , I assure her that I am .

6.45 am – We pull into a drive away at Panvel craving breakfast or anything hot. Mc Donalds pancakes and Georgia coffee make me a happy person :)7.30 am – We are now riding toward the rising sun, I get some shots! This makes me smile 🙂

7.30 am – We are now riding toward the rising sun, I get some shots! This makes me smile 🙂

9.00 am – We make a quick stop to refuel the bikes apparently petrol is much cheaper in Panvel or so the boys say.

9.30 am –  More riding and here are some of the pics I managed to capture…

1030 am – we seem to have lost the other 2 bikes, we make a stop a lil ahead from the intersection that turns to Panjim and I notice a boat parked in the middle of no where amidst the fields in between houses 😛 we sip on chai

11.00 am – we catch up with the others. We are 14 km away from Alibaug and decide to do a detour , since its much spoken about.

1130 am – we reach Alibaug and we wonder why its hyped about , because honestly it had nothing . I had to pay Rs 10 to take a leak and Rs 7 for a cuppa chai ! T’was ridiculous!

1200 pm – we take off from Alibaug and make our way to Korlai

12.30 pm – we pass an ancient public bath andI just had to stop and take pics , that and also because Niki and rhea needed a “bum break” from all the riding 😛

12.45 pm – we make our way to Korlai.. En route Kris spots a sign that says Nagaon and decides we must check the beach out as he’s read about it .

1.15 pm – we arrive at Nagaon , which was crowded for the water sports and adventure activities . We checked for camping sites for future visits we couldn’t find any. The most beautiful spot at this beach is the awesomely tall sap tree that cover the outlines of the beach. Their silhouettes mesmerized me , I look up, feel insignificant and smile . I love this pic that I took there … its titled “TALL AMBITIONS”


1.25 pm – we are on our way to korlai, after much searching for we arrived at a local market and found a signpost that said because of the new yr the bread is now Rs 1 i wonder how much it use to be before thenew year 😛 we stock up on bread which was going to be accompanied with the bbq we were planning.


1.45 pm – on the lookout for Korlai which a friend @DanielDmello suggested since it has a lighthouse. We find it after a few turns here n there in a tiny village. And the beach is breath-taking , for a second I felt like I was in the Maldives.. White sands and blue waters and a cactus filled hill with an almost demolished fort on top . And yes there was a lighthouse….For Rs 10 the light house keeper will take you around the fort and to the top of the light house which lets you take in the view of the entire shore. What I learnt is that every light house has a sequence and timing involved before the light turns and that’s how ships recognise the area and shore. There’s also a transmitter on top of the tower which detects any ships or boats within a 100 kms radius which in turn informs the coast guards.

2.15 pm We leave for kashid

2.30 pm – We reach kashid change into our shorts and get the bbq started , well at least the boys try to get it going …which took about 2 hrs before we could actually cook anything on the grill 😛 in the mean while the girls and I head to the beach to soak up the sun ,sand and surf . This makes me smile 🙂

4.30 pm – Lunch is ready .. everyone’s done a good job , fanning the charcoal and taking turns of setting up the bbq . The sausages and the bbq chicken taste good .

5.00 pm – Its now time for a final dip in the sea before we change and head back home !

5.30 pm We decide to take the ferry back home , however we’ve been told that the last one just left ! Guess its back to a long ride home and loads of bum breaks 😛 We came , We saw & We’ve left our mark … and the memories left theirs in our head !


Here’s a Thank you to all the names mentioned above, the road- trip wouldn’t have been half as fun if you didn’t tag along 🙂

6 thoughts on “Road-trip to Korlai and beyond.

  1. krist0ph3r says:

    Damn, i need you to come with me on more trips…i need a personal travel writer as good as you! 😛

  2. niki says:

    Thank u for making the plans and always counting me in
    it was a much needed break

  3. RJ says:

    Lovely Road trip …bum bum bole 😛
    Thanks Nicky for trip and Kris for food 😀

  4. Melaine says:

    Hey excellent work..:) and yeh it sounded like a lot of fun…! The beach looks amazing.. I have to go here once atleast…

  5. An amazing write, awesome pictures and captivating fun!! The next time i wanna come 🙂

    good job Nicky..kris is right a travel writer you are and a great one already:)

  6. Deboshree says:

    Some gorgeous snaps you’ve got there!!

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