Cityscapes portray their outlines on my window

architecturally  divine,

telling a story of a creator they owe

Above the buildings…

the birds move on their migratory flight

in a sequence so synchronised,

never afraid of the height

Below the buildings..

a man reads his morning paper while the older ones burn on the floor

eliminating the news that was , keeping him warm

while he makes peace with the gore

In the building…

people rush about with files and briefcases

its always a busy day

all dressed alike in the same colours-a swarm of black & grey

Around the building…

the traffic never ceases to move

headlights and taillights passing by with an electric groove

As i stare beyond the confinement of my glass walls

a cubicle, a desk and a chair that rotates

Outside – a world , a life and an impulsive streak calls !


© 2010 Nickolai Kinny . All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Purviews from work.

  1. Quickdraw says:

    You never fail to bring out the black.

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