I had this one written awhile ago but thought of putting it up on the blog today :)
  1. I’m scared of dogs and would rather run towards a street with ongoing traffic than come in close contact with a dog
  2. I’m obsessive compulsive about the following things before bed – I need to wash my feet and make sure every latch in the house is done and bolted (includes doors, wardrobes and cabinets)
  3. I currently own 55 pairs of shoes and still counting
  4. If I’m trying to recollect a person’s name, a word or from where I know someone I won’t rest and will rack my brains until I get it
  5. I find even the toughest sudoku’s unchallenging
  6. I don’t like things, or conversations half done. for eg: – my eggs and if someone says there’s something I have to tell u but later, I make it my aim to get it out there and then.
  7. I hate it when people chew loudly while eating, the sound kills me slowly and is the most sickening sound on earth
  8. I have yet to watch a horror movie that will scare the hell out of me
  9. I  love Naruto, anime and manga!

10.  I got my first poem published at 10 and started writing poetry at 8

11.  I watch at least 10 movies a week

12.  I live on impulses

13.  I’m multi- talented – I can sing, paint, bake and write.. now wouldn’t it be a freak show if I did it all at once?

14.  At one point in my life I would read at least 6 books a day (summer holidays back in Mumbai, 5th grade, finished the entire Goosebumps series

15.  I have asthma and am allergic to dust, morons and fur.

16.  I mostly see the good side of people and if they have a bad side I’m unaware of it until it slaps me in the face.

17.  I bake and clean when I’m stressed out.

18.  I have issues when I look at white things with tiny black dots on them, it makes me nauseous.  (My sister does too) Similar to  Trypophobia.

19.   I’m a strong feminist.

20.  I thought up voluntourism on a much larger scale when I was 15, it’s recently been launched by another woman ;)

21.  I can’t make it through the day without the following things :- my iPod, phone, PC , my planner and money.

22.  Im single out of choice!

23.  I consider myself to be exceptionally lucky.

24.  Im very blunt which comes off as rude to most people , but I cant help it even if it gets me in trouble most of the time.

25.  I go through this phase almost very often where I get antisocial and withdrawn, and if im avoiding you it’s not because I hate you, it’s coz I enjoy too much of  “MY  TIME”  and like to be left alone to ponder on my thoughts and views or simply slug on my couch with potato chips..

5 thoughts on “25 facts you wouldn’t know about me unless i told you

  1. Kaveri says:

    That was enlightning! :)

  2. krist0ph3r says:

    arrgh, i’ve read this one months ago…shouldn’t you have updated it? :P

  3. kejal says:

    liked the last one the best…………..and m glad i do know most of them….except a couple of them so do know u well

  4. RJ says:

    55 ? i thought 64 *wonders*

  5. RJ says:

    single :O ..but u told me…ok ok ssshhh :P

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