15 thoughts on “What’s your dark alter ego called? (Contest)

  1. Zennmaster says:

    Deshu a.k.a ‘D’

  2. Avinash says:

    Very cool… Wow..

    Ego’s both friend and foe. Depends on the situation.

  3. Dengel 🙂 the DEvil’s aNGEL 😛

  4. krist0ph3r says:

    mine’s “molotov cocktail” – cos it’s explosive!!! 😀

  5. shreyans says:


  6. Omkar says:

    mine is OMKAR –
    I still have to meet my real-ego 🙂

  7. Rob Franklin says:

    Professor Darky Dark

  8. Shayne says:


  9. Saire May says:

    I am the darker side, so my lighter side/alter ego is raiseyam :c)

  10. Punkster says:

    Darkness is a dear friend of mine,
    speaks so little but tells me a lot about life…
    It hides the world around me,
    Yet brings me face to face with the “lies”….

    My dark alter ego is ME..

  11. Jean says:

    Garfield. Yup, agreed that he ain’t ‘dark’. Not really. Not in the true sense of the word. But there are days when he has some *real* nasty thoughts, does Garfield!

  12. Nabeel N says:

    My Darkest Alter Ego is my untapped potential & unrealized dreams…

  13. Oswin Diniz says:

    Machete 🙂 You know I wanted to cut through the competition.

  14. Heres a thank you to everyone who participated ! The 2 winners for What’s your dark alter ego called? is …. drum roll plz … @Thor_ and @Punkster1 🙂

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