Darrel Kinny (a.k.a dad to me and Ninoskha)

Words can never do justice to describe a man who has made me everything I am today; The man who became my father had an entire existence before mine came into being and his life experiences made him everything he is. An amazing human filled my heart and mind with thousands of magical childhood memories, solid as a rock, always happy, never letting life get him or us down. The lengths he would go through just to put a smile on our faces are simply heartfelt.

Family came first most of the time. Although he’d like to think we came first all the time, that’s a statistical improbability. And football came second :P

Dads always been smart. Very smart. Book smart. He’s still one of the top five smartest people I’ve ever known. And to nag him I’ve also nicknamed him “PHD” which is one among the other loving nick names we have for him.

The talks I had with my dad about serious things were the most impacting words anyone ever said to me. He also told me about his childhood and how much fun they used to have as kids and that’s why he always took us along on their travels and holidays so that we could experience life rather than staying in the boundaries of a mere playground.

My father has always been the peaceful one in the family. He didn’t duck confrontation, but was smart enough to know that persuasion is the real weapon in a person’s arsenal. He worked hard while I was growing up and I have that work ethic as well. He has never let something go unfinished if it needed to be done and he always did the task as well as he could regardless of its glory.

He loved cracking jokes, mostly on our cost and would do so just to get a reaction out of us :) He made sacrifices so that we could get the best in life.. and always thought of how every decision he took would effect us. I may have disappointed him a few times but he would never show it or tell me what I did wrong he would tell me how I should have done things differently. If I am able to withstand life’s challenges, it is because of this strong spiritual backing. I owe this to my dear father. He taught me never to give up and that being average is only the horizon and that I should sail beyond.

My dad ,always a pillar of support for my mother and us and the strong concrete that forever holds this family together , no matter which part of the world we all are in now ;)

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us and more. We love you!

Happy Birthday ! with loads of love , Coo .


2 thoughts on “Ode to Dad …

  1. krist0ph3r says:

    awwww!!! what a sweet post!!! and the pic of you and nino on his back reminded me of me and my dad!!! unfortunately my dad was always behind the camera, so we have precious few photos of him :(

    1. Thankie !! and yes we have very few photos of him wid us as well :(

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