As my 1st actual blog post thought id draw up wholesale jerseys a list of  pros & cons of being tiny…so here goes ?

Cons of being Tiny :-

  • Sometimes people don’t take you  seriously.
  • All mirrors are hung too high.
  • I recently bought a pair of size 3 shoes at BATA (in the kids section) Just the when i was convinced i was a size 5
  • Chairs and seats are sometimes wholesale jerseys too high, my feet dangle like a lil girl .
  • Doors have latches that are always too high
  • Guys dig the whole the whole long legs theory.
  • Can’t see much at concerts and gig ?
  • A Jackass asked if i play miniature golf.
  • People cheap mlb jerseys think that just because you’re small they a have permission to Hacked touch you and pick you up.
  • Not being able to reach things or carry something and having to ask someone else to do it like a constant chaperone
  • I’ve always wanted to slam dunk , if only someone could help me with a crane
  • gave up guitar lessons cause my hands were too small to move through cords quickly
  • asked for Promotional ID at pubs and movies
  • Short people look fat faster, whereas tall people have a bit more leniency.
  • have to sit right in front of class ,  first benchers kind

Pros  of  being Tiny:-

  • i cheap MLB jerseys dont have to for duck to enter low ceiling rooms
  • plenty of leg room in cars and wholesale NBA jerseys movie theaters and air planes ?
  • Run faster.
  • When playing Hide & Seek. You can hide virtually anywhere
  • Very often being thought you’re a bit younger than you are.
  • Excuse to ask someone your attracted to help you with something.
  • Can dodge in and around people before they know and wiggle my way outta any situation
  • More flexible in the gym and ahem !
  • Some people find you attractive or absolutely adorable just based on your height.
  • Always having something to talk and joke about. (hence the blog )
  • I can wear the highest heels and I won’t look too tall.
  • Being better dancers.
  • Being able to do the limbo without breaking your back.

11 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of being tiny :-

  1. krist0ph3r says:

    New blog, yay!

  2. shreyans says:

    Awesome observations. However i still doubt weather shorter woman = Flexibility in/on/at the bed lol.

    so final verdict (at least from my side) – short girls = sexy and Dang Cute. However for looking at long legs you have Deepika (i don’t like her) / porn! Whatsay?

  3. Saheb.. says:

    Finally,got a sneak peak. waiting….

  4. Nikita says:

    luv da blog.
    its enlightning to knw the troubles & adventures of a short person.
    being a tall person all my life i can relate to ur plight in reverse. hahahahaha
    i was always a back bencher which sucked.

    1. haha n Thankie ! 🙂

  5. kejal says:

    finally got to read it, gimme more.

  6. prasad says:

    Haha..These thoughts never crossed my mind..

    Nice one.. Had a good time reading this post.

  7. Sanjita says:

    Lol! Its so true! But more so u shud know, being short is higher up in the evolution! 😉 & I mayb as tall as u r..

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