Eat like a local: Paraguay

Whoever said “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” has obviously never been to Paraguay, where the food is not only cheap but delicious and drool-worthy and where it’s possible to eat every meal like a king! In October 2014, I had the opportunity from Gadventures to travel through a few countries in South America. While Paraguay was never on the plan, I foun...
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A taste of Brazilian summer in Dubai

The first time i had a bowl of Açai was while i was sun-bathing on the beaches of Ilha grande which is an island in Brazil. Thereafter i was hooked and i made sure i got my daily dose of Açai without fail. In Brazil, Açai cafes, fruit shops and natural food eateries are on every street corner. These serve everything you could imagine – Açai juices, bowls of frozen Açai with fruit and toppings, A...
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Grab Your Dream

I haven't posted in awhile and here's why...Over the last month, I had the time of my life in South America. Right from Tango dancing, to watching living statues on the streets, boat rides at the Iguassu Falls, Hitchhiking, Big-steak challenges with the locals, to football stadium-hopping, I've experienced all this and more on my South American journey. You too can win an all-expense-paid I...
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South America Itinerary

A rough sketch of an itinerary and what id imagine October in South America to be like. Day 1 Buenos Aires Arrival Day 2 Buenos Aires Free time to explore the many attractions. Check out a football match, a tango show or the city's famous nightlife. Day 3-5 Colonia/Montevideo Cross the Río de la Plata by ferry to Colonia, Uruguay. Free time to explore the area and relax at a streetside...
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