Social Media Posts: HeyDoc!

These posts were written for HeyDoc’s Facebook ads to increase subscriptions on the app from prospective doctors and patients.

For Doctors:

  • HeyDoc! Get on board an app that has no subscription fees yet pays you every time you consult.
  • HeyDoc! Get our app to monetise your consultations over email and text. The future is here.
  • HeyDoc! Are you looking for ways to increase your exposure and clientele? Let our app do it for you.
  • HeyDoc! Imagine having the mobility and ability to be anywhere in the world and yet have your patients just a click away.
  • HeyDoc! Go an extra mile and give your patients a personalised service, allow them consult with you even when your appointment schedules are fully booked.


  • Health in your hands is just a click away. Talk to Doctors and get immediate answers to your queries. Sign up to #HeyDoc
  • Getting several medical opinions at once has never been easier #HeyDoc
  • Is taking time off work to visit a doctor a hassle? With HeyDoc your consultation could now just be a click away.
  • Are doctors appointments taking up your time? What if you could talk to them while at work or at home?
  • Have your doctor on-demand and a click away. Say yes to round the clock health care. #HeyDoc


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