Social Media Posts: HeyDoc!

These posts were written for HeyDoc's Facebook ads to increase subscriptions on the app from prospective doctors and patients. For Doctors: HeyDoc! Get on board an app that has no subscription fees yet pays you every time you consult. HeyDoc! Get our app to monetise your consultations over email and text. The future is here. HeyDoc! Are you looking for ways to increa...
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Food Review: Dubai Voyager

Published: Dubai Voyager in April 2015 Title: Dubai’s finest burgers While the hamburger may have taken its name from the city of Hamburg, it is undoubtedly the Americans that have brought this humble meat sandwich to its current fame.But Dubai seems to be catching onto the craze with burgers varying in prices from Dhs25 - Dhs130  Here are some of Dubai’s finest burgers: ...
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Website Content: My Triphoto

Complex content written specifically for My Triphoto's product website to describe the #360Selfie camera, how it works, it's benefits and the user generated content it is capable of producing.
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Travelogue: Times of India

Published: Times of India on Jan 23rd 2015 Title: Why travelling solo is the best thing that ever happened to me If someone asked me to think back to the last time I went without a trip or travel, I'm afraid I wouldn't have an answer because travel for me has now been ingrained so deeply that, it's now a lifestyle choice than a task or career. When one travels as often as ...
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Food Review: The Mumbai Mirror

Published: The Mumbai Mirror on Dec 14, 2014 Title: À la carte – Pondicherry Pondicherry or Puducherry is usually sought after for its French villas, quarters and unique graffiti. But there is more to this place other than the usual laziness that is implied whilst cycling or strolling around the rues and maisons. The best way to experience any place is via its culina...
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Travelogue: San Francisco’s Expat Journal

Published: San Francisco's Expat Journal on May 29th 2014. Title: Mumbai, Meri Jaan. Mumbai, the name itself associates an immediate sense of chaos, noise and commotion to the people that belong or have visited it. One would imagine its roads possessing a topography of its own; overcrowded with lazy cattle. Try hard fast bikes, rickshaw drivers that would put Tokyo drifters t...
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