Cheat Sheet: Best Tango shows in Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital fizzes with energy, be it art, football or dance. Tango, a Porteno (The name for natives of Buenos Aires) creation, grew along the banks of the River Plate in the 1880’s, as the city welcomed thousands of European and African immigrants. Today it remains a fixture of the local scene. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to spend a few days in Buenos Aires on ...
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Money Mistakes to Avoid While Traveling

By this point, I think I’ve tried it all when it comes to carrying money around while on the road. Going back to thinking about a few trips in the past, I can only chuckle and shake my head as I recall myself, cautious and frightened, carrying cash in money belts, various hidden pockets, and forex cards, which I came to know about during my first trip abroad. After a while, I i...
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Buenos Aires in 24 hours

From wandering the streets of La Boca to outdoor steak houses and from walking through the eerie Recoleta Cemetery to Tango dancing in my converse. Here’s my journey through Buenos Aires, Argentina in 24 hours. Enjoy!
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Why travelling solo is the best thing that ever happened to me

This article was originally published on Times of Inida's on Jan 23rd 2015. If someone asked me to think back to the last time I went without a trip or travel, I'm afraid I wouldn't have an answer because travel for me has now been ingrained so deeply that, it's now a lifestyle choice than a task or career. When one travels as often as I do, that it sometimes gives ...
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South America Itinerary

A rough sketch of an itinerary and what id imagine October in South America to be like. Day 1 Buenos Aires Arrival Day 2 Buenos Aires Free time to explore the many attractions. Check out a football match, a tango show or the city's famous nightlife. Day 3-5 Colonia/Montevideo Cross the Río de la Plata by ferry to Colonia, Uruguay. Free time to explore the area and r...
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