15 Indian habits I lost after moving to England.

It's been 2month and 2 weeks since I arrived in England and it's slowly shaping this new person I'm becoming. And even though everybody who decides to move to a new country needs time to adjust to their new environment, I've noticed that some changes are merely accepted overnight (like no fans in your bedroom) while some take awhile (like bundling up for all kinds of weather) B...
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Walking tour of the WWF Living Planet Centre

I was really excited to take a walking tour of the WWF Living Planet Centre today! Here are some pictures and observations from the space. The #WWF may be one of the most recognised conservation organisations around the world, but their building the Living Planet Centre is one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the UK. I was surprised to find that they have thre...
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The beautiful palaces of Bhuj.

My first stop on my journey through Kutch, headquarters of the district and the most important place in the area is the city of Bhuj. Picturesquely placed between two streams, Bhuj was built by Rao Khengarl (1548-85) with a city wall, 10.5mtrs high that forms a polygon to surround it. It has 5 major gates and one small gate known as Chathi bari. Not much remains of the fort...
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Recipe: Rum Fruit Cake

It’s the 1st blog post of the year 2017, so why not make it a sweet one? I’ve tried my hand at the famous old recipe of a rich fruit cake but, alas, what is life without its twists (Spice) and turns (Rum) and who said these should be devoured only around Christmas? I say.. let’s make, bake and in return it’ll… help see us through the year and whatever curve balls it throws at u...
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